A link in bio page allows you to share all your important links in one convenient place, making it easier for your audience to connect with you.

Why a Link in Bio Page is Essential for Your Dance Studio

A link in bio page centralises all your important links, from your website and social media profiles to registration forms and class schedules. This makes it easy for your followers to find and access the information they need, enhancing their experience and increasing lead generation for your business.

By providing a clear and organised way for your followers to access your content, you increase the likelihood of them engaging with your posts, signing up for classes, or purchasing merchandise.

A well-designed link in bio page not only makes it easier for your audience to connect with you but also enhances your studio’s professional image. It shows that you are organised, tech-savvy, and serious about providing the best experience for your audience.

The Dance Studio Quick Links Landing Page Template

To help you create a professional and effective bio link page, the Dance Resource Hub offers the Dance Studio Quick Links Landing Page Template. This fully-customisable Canva template is designed to work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop, ensuring that your links are always accessible and looking great.

Key Features:

  • Customisable Design: Change the images, background, colours, fonts, and text to match your studio’s branding.
  • Mobile & Desktop Friendly: Ensure your bio link page looks great and functions well on any device.
  • Professional Look: Create a cohesive and polished appearance that enhances your studio’s online presence.
  • Easy to Use: Designed in Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool, making it easy for anyone to customise.

How to Make the Most of Your Bio Link Page

1. Include Essential Links

Make sure to include links to your studio’s website, class schedules, registration forms, social media profiles, and any other important pages.

2. Keep It Updated

Regularly update your bio link page to reflect any new classes, events, or promotions. This ensures that your audience always has access to the most current information.

3. Promote Your Bio Link Page

Share your bio link page across all your social media profiles, in your email signature, and on your website. The more you promote it, the more effective it will be.


A link in bio page is a simple yet powerful tool that can significantly enhance your dance studio’s online presence. The Dance Studio Quick Links Landing Page Template from the Dance Resource Hub provides an easy and professional way to create a customised bio link page that works seamlessly on both mobile and desktop.

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